What makes a great designer?

Great designers are open-minded and curious, first and foremost, they listen, observe, take notice and make notes of details that others overlook. A great designer loves special moment when they find somebody implementing a do-it-yourself solution compensating poor design.

Great designers are not bond by rules. But they need to understand it first; social norms, expectations and limitations of production, marketing, sales and other aspects of design implementation. However, rather than being limited by beliefs and expectations, great designers are open to the less-than-obvious solutions to problems.

Great designers have a deep understanding of the world. They seek out solutions of real world problems and have the desire to make the world a better place. Great designers know how to share ideas and implement them to become reality.

Great designers have desire to draw on their observations and then improve it’s standard. Whether it’s on human behaviour or poor graphic design, a great designer must be passionate to improve on what already exists. Desire drives action. Great designer makes change.

Great designers understand context. Context is what enables us to make sense of everything. Context includes small and big details that allow us to decide whether something is relevant.

Great designers are very sensitive to how their work will be integrated, as well as the impact the solution may have.

Great designers focus on how and why something might work, not the other way arond.

Great designers are opportunists, catalysts of change and creators of experiences.

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