Our Story


SCOMMA starts from a small Studio (formerly called Studio, Comma) with the concept and philosophy of comma punctuation (comma), an ongoing, dynamic, always innovating, continually improving. Founded in 2012, the first service we offer is the creation of illustrations and artworks (cartoons, mascots, children’s books, etc.) as time goes by and our experience increases we dive into the realm of graphic design and branding.

In 2016 we started offering integrated solutions within the scope of digital technology and marketing, one by one we begin to build portfolios, work, project references, forming the foundation so that our capabilities can help more companies grow in current competitive and global marketplaces.

M. V & V

We Empower Businesses with Strategy, Technology and Creativity.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a trusted, strategic and creative consultant that relentlessly alleviates and solves our clients’ problems in marketing, branding, and business growth.


Vision Statement

To become a prominent strategic and creative consultant that is always effective, impactful, and honest.


Values & Principle Statement

SCOMMA is always guided by these principles and values:

1. Continuous Improvement
we are always working to get better and better

2. Quality Over Quantity
we believe that whatever worth doing is worth doing well

3. Open-mindedness
we respect others, accept different cultures and we do not judge

4. Flexibility & Agility
we believe that speed and movement is one of the keys to success

5. Multi-talent & Multi-discipline
we believe in human ability to be creative and to keep learning