Everything is recorded and monitored within digital marketing, the who, where, when, why and how visitors interact with yoru website. The challange is how to make sense of all this data.
3.8 Billion people browse the internet every day, without proper planning and management you could empty your budget in a matter of minutes,

About Digital Marketing

After brand activation through offline and online launching it is necessary to follow up using various digital marketing tools such as SEO, SEM, Content and Social Media Management.

So the brand and website will get a lot of attention and visitors actively and passively that will contribute to sales increase.

Digital Marketing Types

On-page SEO is the optimization of website pages for search engines with the aim of improving website conversions, conversion is the level of success of making web visitors take action after visiting your website (calling, contacting, ordering, etc.)

Regular SEO is the maintenance and improvement of SEO on a regular basis, this technique is very powerful and impactful. According to data from Google, 70% of searches are conducted by viewers only to open websites that are ranked 1-3, only 30% who opened the website ranked 4 and down.

Local SEO is SEO focused on locating business locations such as restaurants or stores that will help your business be more discoverable and compete among other business listings around you.

It is important to do local SEO beacuse the process of searching and selection of stores, restaurants or businesses is increasingly being done through mobile (mobile phones).

SEM & PPC or Search Engine Marketing and pay-per-click is part of digital marketing directed to the installation and management of ads, the use of ads for certain keywords and ads on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) is important for the start of the campaign and the launch of the new website.

The main advantage of using SEM & PPC is to achieve good position faster, so the website can compete with existing competitors and the number of visitors this new website will jump much faster.

Much like SEM (search engine marketing) but SMM (Social Media Marketing) is done on social media. The combination of regular content creation and social media advertising will help businesses that are natural to be marketed in social media like food , beauty products, apparel, etc.

The main purpose of this SMM is to create content and ads that can become viral to lift your business and branding.

In addition to the above services, a combination of various digital tactics can be done to provide an extra boost to the position and strength of your brand and business in the online world.

Among others are; Reputation Management (ensuring your business review on various platforms becomes positive), Re-targeting (retrieving web visitors who are not interested in the right content), and many others.

The cost of the digital marketing process and how long it will show its impact can vary depending on the desired marketing coverage, frequency, competitive conditions and targets to be achieved.

We have a variety of digital marketing packages that are designed and designed to meet your needs.

Contact us to get the best offer as per your business needs and targets.

Our Advantages?

Our digital solution is measurable, we are result oriented and we believe in investing in our clients. Our digital marketing service does not focus on how many clicks, how many views, etc.

We focus on what matters; the actual engagement, number of people called/interested, and how many purchases.

  • Responsibility to our clients, we provide monthly reports on the digital marketing performance and contribution
  • Highly professional digital analysts online monitoring, making sure our digital marketing program is running at maximum efficiency
  • Quality and value digital marketing program using latest digital tools and technique combined with proven methods of traditional marketing
  • Real focus on customer satisfaction, we are flexible and we focus on solving problems not making new ones!

“Digital marketing is about getting the right users to visit the right content, the amount of clicks, views, etc. means nothing unless we can analyze and connect the dots.”

Why We Do It Better?

We believe we do it better thanks to our experience working with hundreds of clients on multiple brands and businesses internationally that translates into business sense and knowledge of effective paths in gaining traction and sales conversions.

We love to learn and we enjoy tackling different problems in each unique projects with our clients.

Find out how you can increase your business potential and reach with our digital marketing service, please contact us to get the best deal.

We have worked with various businesses and brands within different industries around the world, all with one goal, increase in business potential and sales.