The biggest challenge is to make your product stand out from the competition, we focus first to get attention, then convince customers to take action and buy the product.
Do not judge a book by its cover, is a big lie. The book cover must be able to present the contents of the book in the best possible way, tell the essence of this book and let the viewers want to know more.

Retail & Publishing Design Service

Our retail and publishing design services fall into one category that focuses on strong presentations and emphasizes product sales value. What can be raised and shown should be highlighted, to increase the chances and purchase quantities of products or books.

Retail & Publishing Design Types

Product naming is very important because the product name is the key that will be remembered by customers.

What you need to consider when doing naming, among others; Is the name of this product unique or can it be confused with other products? Problems in patents? Is it easy and fun to read? What is the philosophy and meaning? How about the meaning in different languages? etc.

We can help and guide you through the process of making your product name and answering all the important technical, creative and marketing questions.

Our design and marketing team can help you to produce attractive, unique and selling designs. There are various types of packaging today; plastic materials, paper, fabric, standing pouch, etc.

Each has its own unique form and presentation that can be used to lift your product from the crowd.

Label design is different from the packaging that generally covers the entire surface of the wrapper. Labels cover only a portion of the packaging so that your whole product will be visible and plastered. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the appearance of the whole product.

Our design team with our marketing experts can help you choose and create the most appropriate and effective packaging design.

“Do not judge a book by its cover.” is a lie in the marketing world. Humans judge from the first appearance of both products and books, the first impression is very important factor at play in sales.

Our design team and marketing specialists can design covers that will catch attention, tell stories, and make potential buyers curious.

A good and professional booth design will lift your overall brand and business image that translates to increaing sales opportunities and conversions. 3D design results will be designed according to the concept of your branding with precise calculations in size, material, and budget.

Biaya dan lama proses pembuatan desain akan berbeda tergantung dari jenis desain, jumlah sisi atau ukuran, dan tingkat kesulitan desain tersebut.

Hubungi kami untuk mendapatkan penawaran terbaik sesuai kebutuhan dan target bisnis anda.

Our Advantages?

Display presentation, packaging or cover design is the first thing to be seen that will create first impression, losing it equals losing the sale. Our retail & publishing service consists of ideation and design that will grab attention, entice, and persuade.

  • Complete retail & packaging service from design to production and application
  • Highly professional designers and marketers working together to create the ideal design that is interesting and sells well
  • Quality and value result using latest trend and proven design principles and methods
  • Real focus on Customer Satisfaction we are flexible and we focus on solving problems not making new ones!

“Human beings form initial opinions in a matter of seconds. Aesthetically pleasing, professionally designed graphics will cause other persons to form positive opinions about your product, service or brand.”

Why We Do It Better?

We believe we do it better thanks to our experience working with hundreds of clients on multiple brands and businesses internationally that translates into business sense and knowledge of effective paths in gaining traction and sales conversions.

We love to learn and we enjoy tackling different problems in each unique projects with our clients.

Find out how you can increase your business potential and reach with a responsive website, contact us for more info.

We have worked with various businesses and brands within different industries around the world, all with one goal, increase in business potential and sales.