A marketing strategy is a combination of a marketing audit and evaluation process that will result in a plan to win market share.
As one of the most effective marketing tools, brochures coupled with sales expertise can have a major impact on sales performance.

About Strategic Marketing Service

Our marketing strategy services consist of marketing, research, evaluation and exploration audits that will translate into marketing plans as a basis for improving conversions and sales performance in the short and long term.

Strategic Marketing Consultation Stages

In this first stage, audit and market research conducted to determine the performance of marketing programs that have been completed or still running.

The analysis is done on business category, market size, market space, audience target, competition, strengths and weaknesses. So that key informations can be found and current marketing plan can be improved.

In the second stage, an opportunity assessment is done to calculate and analyze the opportunities that exist in your business. So the question of why sales are decreasing and missing opportunities will be answered, what happened and why it can happen will be explored thoroughly.

To fix a marketing problem the first step is to identify the starting point of the problem.

The third stage is the development of marketing strategy, designing a marketing strategy starting from the executive structure, pitching, vision mission, conclusion of problem and solution problems, and projection of sales and developments in the future.

In this last stage we will discuss more tactical aspect and the details about marketing planning, what unique services or products can be developed and highlighted, how the price is set, product distribution channels, what is the online and offline marketing plans. What other strategies can be used as corporate strengths, partnership programs, programs for customer loyalty, programs to find new customers, etc.

At the end of the consultation you will form a marketing framework consisting of market information, performance reports, marketing strategy guides specifically for your business, marketing plan, and marketing budget along with projected sales and profits.

The marketing strategy consultation process depends on the scope and depth required, the consultation session costs follow the duration and number of desired components.

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Our Advantages?

Strategic marketing solution is key to produce impact, we are result oriented and we believe in investing in our clients.

Our strategic marketing service once done can be applied in short term and long term for direct impact to increase your business conversion and sales performance.

  • Complete strategic marketing covering everything from audit and assessment to budget planning
  • Highly professional marketers are ready to advise and improve your marketing plan
  • Quality and value result using the latest trend, technique and proven methods of marketing communication
  • Real focus on customer satisfaction, we are flexible and we focus on solving problems not making new ones!

“Our strategic marketing use systematical process and data-driven planning to make sure it will be effective and realistic..”

Why We Do It Better?

We believe we do it better thanks to our experience working with hundreds of clients on multiple brands and businesses internationally that translates into business sense and knowledge of effective paths in gaining traction and sales conversions.

We love to learn and we enjoy tackling different problems in each unique projects with our clients.

Find out how you can increase your business potential and reach with our strategic marketing service, contact us for more info.

We have worked with various businesses and brands within different industries around the world, all with one goal, increase in business potential and sales.