Responsive websites looks great and neat on all device; computers, laptops, ipads, and especially smartphones.
We provide custom web coding and back-end maintenance by IT experts in our team.

About Website Coding & Design

We craft every website for our clients to fit the brand, purpose and strategic goals of the business.

For us a website template is not a limitation but a foundation to start with, we build and then iterate the direction, wireframe, design and content that will form an interesting, different and effective website.

Website Development Types

Company profile website is usually a simple website to display profiles and products or services as well as a portfolio of a company.

This type of website is only to introduce a company profile although it can also be a promotional tool if managed properly. The main goal is to introduce businesses through the virtual world.

Unlike the company profile, Corporate Website is usually more complex or can also be called Company Web Portal.

This website contains complete information from the background up to the activities of a company, organization or social foundation either profitable or non-profit.

E-Commerce Website or online store is clearly intended to sell goods online. The main features of an online store is a catalog of products with complete information as well as shopping carts, a feature for visitors to place online product ordering.

Brand Building Website is created to introduce and build a brand image. The main presentation of websites like this is the concept to convey a message in accordance with the image to be built.

The features are very diverse and usually quite complex such as animation, games, video and other interactive features.

Online catalog / portfolio is almost similar to the online store, only this type of website prioritizes catalog or portfolio with complete information for visitors without any features of online transactions.

If visitors are interested in the products or services offered, it is expected that visitors will directly contact the website owner to place an order or negotiation.

Blog is a website shaped like a journal or diary online. Usually used by a blogger to express his thoughts and opinions. Can also be articles about the activities of bloggers.

Can contain writing or media images, videos and more. Each article is usually accompanied by comments columns where blog visitors can leave comments or discuss about articles written.

Commercial portal website is born from the concept of classified ads, where through this portal members can sell their products and services without the need to build their own website. Examples of commercial portals are Craigslist, IndoTrading, JobsDB, and many more.

The difference between apps and websites lies in the content and features, where applications can be used and accessed offline without the internet, can use animation and interactive design (changing, moving and responding from the touch of a user’s fingers).

In addition, most applications are able to provide better features such as notifications, system points for user loyalty, utilize GPS, and more.

The cost and length of the website creation process varies greatly depending on the type of website, the design, the amount of content / page, and the desired features.

We have a variety of website and mobile application development packages that are designed and designed to meet your needs.

Contact us to get the best offer as per your business needs and targets.

Our Advantages?

We take design and creative solution very seriously, we are result oriented and we believe in investing in our clients.

Our website design service does not stop on the completion of the website but continues onto management and continual improvement to make sure the website will increase your business reach and potential in perpetuity.

  • Responsibility to our clients, we provide monthly reports on the website performance and contribution
  • Highly professional staff online and standby for support, we are ready to alleviate any problems that may happen to your website
  • Quality and Value result using the latest trend, technology and proven methods of marketing and design communication
  • Real focus on customer satisfaction, we are flexible and we focus on solving problems not making new ones!

“A website that looks good is only the minimum requirement, it also needs to resonate the brand, deliver clear message and sell to customers effectively.”

Why We Do It Better?

We believe we do it better thanks to our experience working with hundreds of clients on multiple brands and businesses internationally that translates into business sense and knowledge of effective paths in gaining traction and sales conversions.

We love to learn and we enjoy tackling different problems in each unique projects with our clients.

Find out how you can increase your business potential and reach with our responsive website service, please contact us to get the best deal.

We have worked with various businesses and brands within different industries around the world, all with one goal, increase in business potential and sales.